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I am a retired Mathematical Physicist by trade with no formal Medical Training so I am building this website around my journey and what I have learned from it since I had my diagnosis. Although presenting with no discernible symptoms I was shocked to learn that I was already at stage T3b, the final stage that can be diagnosed before the cancer has spread more widely throughout the body and I am thankful that I presented myself for testing.

The reader must understand that the information on this site is “as is” and appropriate professional advice must be taken for any concerns that he may have.

However, the content has been fully checked, and corrected where necessary, by a senior consultant who is a specialist with expertise in the diagnosis and management of Prostate Cancer.

Notwithstanding the above, during my career I twice worked as a Physicist within the Oncology Department of the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. In my first spell I co-authored a suite of EBRT programs that went on to be used world wide and in my second spell I authored “ChemoCare”, an application to track all Chemotherapy appointments and treatments in the Department. ChemoCare is still in place, over 20 years later [suitably upgraded]. So I do have first hand experience of the basic treatment regimes within Oncology.