Strategic 2024

The PCRI has created a video in early March 2024 that discusses a progressive way in which men can plan for their lifestyles when they have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and can, if desired for Quality of Life measures, hold off treatment for substantial amounts of time.

This is a variation of the idea that if we have clinically significant cancer we should deal with it as soon as is practicable. In particular, a man may hold off treatment in order to extend his sex life as much as is possible while still being able to ultimately cure himself of Prostate Cancer.

I have been applying my thoughts along a similar line since I was diagnosed and treated, but my focus has been on using strategic planning to minimise the possibility of a man entering Stage 4 of the disease before he has presented for diagnosis and treatment. This latter is probably more prevalent in the UK than it is in the US where PSA testing has been more wide spread over the years and which can help to minimise the transition to Stage 4.

But firstly – please watch the video of Alex and Mark Scholz.


Prostate Cancer is unique amongst the “big” cancers in that it grows so slowly. This means that men who have this disease have a lot of time to consider their future plans.

It is the potential 96% survivability out to 15 years after diagnosis that allows for this planning process. But it must be remembered that this survivability only pertains to men who have Stages 1, 2 or 3 of the disease at first diagnosis. For Stage 4 the latest UK survivability figure is 50% survival at 5 years, albeit this figure is increasing with disease management improvements.

Clearly a man will want to be diagnosed prior to entering Stage 4 and having metastatic disease. It seems, however, that with the provision of Theranostics and the detection of very early Stage 4 spread that a “cure” may be effected at or near the levels experienced with the earlier stages. If so, then a man can be confident of his future right up until he begins to see stage 4 spread.

Avoiding Stage 4

Whilst the PCRI is articulating a more planned approach to living with Prostate Cancer – which I am comfortable with – the reason that my thinking has gone down a similar route is the substantial eradication of Stage 4 by testing men prior to reaching this stage. Given the slow growth of the disease men who have already gone past 50 years of age without beginning PSA testing should not be thinking that “it’s too late” and not bothering to begin testing.

They should be thinking of starting that testing “at any age” to avoid having an initial diagnosis of “well into Stage 4”.

It must be remembered that no matter how advanced Prostate Cancer is at the time of diagnosis a man will live longer if he comes forward for appropriate treatment. In my case I was 73 years of age when first diagnosed and was still in Stage 3. At the time of writing this I’m still free of Prostate Cancer 6 years after my diagnosis.


The diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer has reached a maturity that allows for longevity of life with good Quality of Life. And the time has come when men will be able to plan their lives confident in the knowledge that their Prostate Cancer can be managed in such a way that they can enjoy that Quality of Life.