Dr Bruce Vickery

Dr Bruce Vickery                                                 Photo Credit : Beth Crockatt

Help with Prostate Cancer


The Scottish company, Prostate Edinburgh, was formed by me – Dr Bruce Vickery – in October 2019. I have authored the content of this website. My purpose is to educate men and their loved ones about Prostate Cancer.

As I write these words in late 2019 the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer, in the UK, is at a crossroads. New procedures are coming on stream at an unprecedented pace. It is becoming difficult to decide on which procedures are ultimately going to be the most used in going forward. Many deal with similar disease problems in different ways all of which can be very successful. But it is certainly likely that Theranostics and Focal Ablation will gather pace. Also, AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is very close to being used in a clinical environment. AI will help eliminate some invasive diagnostic tests, not just for Prostate Cancer, but for many other cancers, and non-cancerous diseases.

I have been in touch with more than one Prostate Cancer Department, worldwide. From this, I have chosen what I believe to be the best practical diagnoses and treatment options that are available at this time. These procedures are chronicled in various pages of this website. All of the information in the website has been checked and, where necessary, corrected by a senior consultant who is a specialist with expertise in the diagnosis and management of Prostate cancer.

I chose the word “optimism” in my original website name (prostatecanceroptimism.org) because there has never been a better time than today, to be optimistic about treatments for this pernicious disease. Pernicious because a sufferer may be very ill with Prostate Cancer but have no symptoms. But with this new website I am going to make comments on how I see the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer can develop from this point – i.e. 2020.

To achieve my aim, I am working with some international companies.

I am currently promoting three companies – PxHealthCare, GenesisCare and the Prostate Cancer Research Institute.


PxHealthCare is well known for their renowned OWise support for Breast Cancer with their all inclusive App to assist patients to record all information relevant to their diagnosis and treatment. They are currently in the process of adding an App for Prostate Cancer and I am assisting them in this process. Their website can be accessed by clicking here.

The photo at the top of the page shows my testing of an early version of the Prostate Cancer App.

A big win

In February, 2020, PxHealthCare won a further £60k to develop their OWise Prostate Cancer App further than was originally envisaged. I teamed with Anne Bruinvels, Founder and CEO of PxHealthCare, to make the winning presentation. The event was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

At this event I was encouraged to write “My Story” (350-400 words) for the “Humans of Scotland” website. This has been accepted for publication and you can read it via the “My Story” menu item.

A winning team                                                                 Photo Credit : nesta


GenesisCare delivers treatment to people with cancer and heart disease, the two largest disease burdens globally. They are the largest provider of cancer and cardiac services in Australia, and have cancer treatment centres in the United Kingdom, Spain and the USA. They lead and participate in many clinical trials, and are the first organisation in the UK to provide access to cutting edge Theranostics treatments, outside of a clinical trial. Indeed, GenesisCare was one of the first organisations in the world to routinely treat Prostate Cancer using Theranostics. I have had personal contact with GenesisCare and am discussing Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment procedures with them. Their website, for the UK, can be accessed by clicking here.

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI)

This is a not for profit organisation operating in Los Angeles, USA. I found them while I was scanning the web for the best websites relating to Prostate Cancer. Most websites are poorly structured and contain too much historical information, to the exclusion of providing concise details about the practical paths that a Prostate Cancer patient can take.

PCRI is by far the best website that I have encountered for providing up to date information on both the disease and how it can be diagnosed and treated. I recommend that anyone reading my website also look at their information which can be reached here.

Is Prostate cancer Fatal?

One of the first things that comes to mind when cancer is mentioned is “how much longer do I have to live?” The PCRI video below addresses this question. I endorse its message. It cannot be said often enough that men need to have the earliest diagnosis to achieve the best treatment results.

Video featuring Alex and Dr Mark Scholz

A Prostate Primer

Are you tired of looking at complex websites? I have developed a short introduction to Prostate Cancer and you can access it from the “Prostate Primer” menu item.

Company Logo

I have chosen the “Ankh” hieroglyph as the logo for Prostate Edinburgh. It was used by the ancient Egyptians as the symbol of “life” because today, it is perfectly possible to recover from Prostate Cancer and “have life”. Always be optimistic.