Stage 3

If you have Stage 3 Prostate Cancer you are in the same category as myself – I had T3b for which the Seminal Vesicles have been invaded as distinct from T3a for which they are not. You will most likely have had an abnormal PSA reading, an mpMRI scan with a PIRADS score of 4 or 5, or possibly, 3, and a biopsy.

Because the cancer has spread out of the Prostate Gland it is of interest to see if it has spread widely within the body – the Lymph Nodes and the Bones. The result of the biopsy will guide this decision. If your Gleason Score is high then one or both of these tests will apply. In my case one side of my prostate gland had a Gleason Score of 9 – very aggressive, so I was recommended to have a Bone Scan. the PET/CT scan was not available to me, but I understand that some centres perform both a PET/CT scan and, if necessary, a Bone Scan as a matter of course.

Your treatment choices are compromised by the local spread of the cancer. For example, in Stage 2 where all the cancer is in the prostate itself, Surgery can be used to remove it all from the body. This is more difficult, but sometimes not impossible, once the cancer has moved out of containment. Brachytherapy also suffers from the now irregular shape of the tumour and is very unlikely to be offered.

In my case I received a letter from the local Multi Disciplinary Team that offered me Radiotherapy only, but with adjuvant Hormone Therapy and this is the path that I have taken.

You can see all the dates and summary description of my journey on the “My Journey” page which I will try to keep well up to date.

Your prospects of a full cure are close to 100%. The cancer can recur but this is normally many years”down the track” and there are ways to deal with it. Remain optimistic throughout.